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Our lifestyle concierge services have been designed to give your employees the ability to effectively balance their work-life schedules. As an employer, offering corporate concierge benefits is not only a valuable motivator for heightened employee satisfaction and retention.  This exclusive perk also allows companies more time by reducing demands on resources and allowing staff increased performance with better quality of life in turn. 


The Luxe Lifestyle Management Agency offers three levels of corporate benefit programs tailored specifically towards your organization's needs through our exclusive network that boasts experienced lifestyle managers and personal concierges always at your service.!


Luxe Level 1 Benefit Programs provide a simple and streamlined solution for businesses with up to 10 employees. From task management services, to running errands - we've got the solutions your business needs!


Luxe Level  2 Benefits Programs from Luxe Management Lifestyle Agency are designed to support businesses with up to 25 employees. Through these programs, employers can access a dedicated account manager and offer enhanced benefits for their staff.


Luxe Level 3 Benefit Programs offer a comprehensive package for business teams of 50 or more, providing the advantage of dedicated support from a full-time account manager. With this high level service and customization to meet your team's needs, businesses will enjoy an elite benefit experience.


Let us help you unlock the power of personalized employee lifestyle benefits tailored specifically to your organization. Contact us  today for a program consultation and discover how we can make a difference in upgrading your business culture!


Here are a few of the perks and benefits that we provide to your employees:

  • General personal assistance

  • Errand running

  • Grocery shopping with office and front door delivery

  • Reservations and ticketing requests

  • Virtual assistance

  • Waiting services

  • General organizing

  • Personal shopping

  • Vehicle maintenance services

  • Pick-up and drop off services

  • Miscellaneous general administration

  • Scheduling contractors and vendors

  • Vehicle maintenance requests

  • Pet sitting and pet management

  • Providing companionship with seniors &/or loved ones

  • ...and much more

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